Are You Using Facebook The Right Way

#AnIdeaADay #UsingFacebook Good morning..!!! How are doing today..! Alright..! We spend most of our time on Facebook, linkedIn, Instagram, and many other social media websites. Although they can be used in a very productive way, most of us don’t use them in that way. Think about it all we do now on Facebook and InstagramContinue reading “Are You Using Facebook The Right Way”

The Beauty Of Practice.

#AnIdeaADay #Practice While writing the blog posts it’s hard not to judge but during practice ideas flows seamlessly, it’s a very fulfilling experience.

A Message to High School Graduates

#AnIdeaADay #ChoosingCarrier #JamiaMilliaIslamia Good Morning..!! How are you doing? Today I am going to talk on a slightly controversial topic. In my recent conversation with fresh higher secondary school graduates who are now gunning for various professional courses, I saw an uncanny pattern. Most of them want to become an engineer or a doctor. Seriously..!!Continue reading “A Message to High School Graduates”