Are You Using Facebook The Right Way

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Alright..! We spend most of our time on Facebook, linkedIn, Instagram, and many other social media websites. Although they can be used in a very productive way, most of us don’t use them in that way.

Think about it all we do now on Facebook and Instagram is stare and swipe along. That’s not a good way to spend your time..!! Isn’t it..!

All these networking websites give their services free of cost, but then nothing in this world is free. Turns out that “we” are the product in these websites. They sell our browsing history and patterns, to the potential buyers and we get little ads which are personalized only for us.

We give our most precious non-renewable resource which is the time in order to use their services, your individual time is may not be very important but if we spend our time as a community on these websites it’s worth billions of dollars.

It’s all very good business plan and that’s why these companies are fastest billion-dollar companies in history, but at the same time, most of us are not getting any values from it. Looking at selfies of your acquaintance and friends is not going to help you in any way, it will only consume your time which is much more valuable than you think it is. You may not realize it but someone surely does.

The difference between a good habit and addiction is that in the good habit you get some value from it which help you grow in life, an addiction is just waste of time. Facebook has now become an addiction to most of us that’s because we use it in that way. These websites are modern tools and like most of the tools in the world, it is up to the user only to use it in a productive way.

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The Beauty Of Practice.


I read a lot, and whenever I come across something beautiful, I save it to use later. My Evernote is full of articles which I have never published and quotes from various books and blogs. It’s very fulfilling and enlightening to read other people’s blog, they always teach me something.

I also write a lot, not to publish on my blog but to practice the art of writing. Sometimes I never read what I have written in those articles due to lack time, besides, I don’t have to since it’s just the practice and the articles are often much longer than what I share daily on my blog. Practicing is never glorious, it’s pure hard work which nobody will see directly but everyone will notice it’s effect later.

That’s the beauty of practice.

Ideas flow when we don’t judge our own thoughts. While writing the blog posts it’s hard not to judge however during practice ideas flows seamlessly, it’s a very fulfilling experience. To be good at anything we have to practice a lot.

The People You Meet Are Not Simply Good Or Evil Rather They Also Have Multitudes Like You

finding good

Whatever we focus on we get exactly that. If you think you are surrounded by morons, you are probably right because that’s what you are focusing on and that’s exactly what you will get.

I have a little experiment for you, it will only take 2 minutes of your time. Quickly scan your surrounding and count the number of objects you find which are the color orange. Now close your eyes and count the number of objects which had the color green. What you’ll realize is that you couldn’t find any object which is of green color with your eyes closed . Now open your eyes and scan again. You’ll discover that many green colored objects were right in front of you and you had missed it.

That’s the beauty of the brain.

The mind only brings forward the things which we want to see and focus upon. If you focus on finding good in people, you will get that. You can find good qualities in any moron. I know it’s difficult to channelize your energy from finding faults to find good in people but once you create a habit, it would be very easy, and the life would become much easier.

To sum it up, the people you meet are not simply good or evil rather they also have multitudes like you and it’s up to you to uncover their shades.

The Emotional Bank Account


In the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” by Stephen Covey, the author, beautifully explains the amount of trust that exists in a relationship through the metaphor called “Emotional Bank Account(EBA)”.

We think humans are logic driven but that’s not true instead we are emotion driven. Whenever we meet someone we open an Emotional Bank Account with the other person and whatever we do we either make a deposit or a withdrawal from the account.

Kindness, courtesy, keeping promises, clarifying expectations, are the ways to deposit in the Emotional Bank Account. Being rude, breaking promises, arrogance, judging are some ways to withdraw from the Emotional Bank Account. If you have a positive balance in the EBA the relationship would sustain and last longer on the hand if you withdraw too much without making deposits at the regular intervals the relationship would not sustain and fail miserably.

Trust is developed when the Emotional Bank Balance is high.

Ever Wondered Why Everything We Do Online Is Free!


Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Instagram, SnapChat and much more services are available to all of us with zero charges. Nonetheless, these companies are worth billions of dollars, even without charging a dime from its users.

Something isn’t right in this equation.

I was obsessed with this question for many years in the past until recently I have discovered what these companies are up to.

Well, here’s the thing there are two types of companies in the world.

1. The companies that sell you things.
2. The companies that sell you.

If you are not paying for the service, you are the product for sale. The time we spent on these website ensures that we are looking at their ads. So basically we are trading our time instead of money which is worse.

“There’s a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It’s a nonrenewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve spent it badly, it’s gone forever.”
~ Neil A. Fiore

We spent hours on these websites staring at the newsfeed and looking at the sponsored posts. The time we waste on the social media platforms is worth much more than we think it is.

How can we not be grateful?


Deaths due to diseases are all time low, overall standard of living throughout the globe has been increased many folds. Never before in the history there has been a time where information was so freely available on this scale, on the contrary, it was kept in secret and a very few privileged people had access to the information.

The way we connect and chat with people all around the world and that too at minimum or no cost is absolutely amazing(considering you are using Facebook or WhatsApp).

How can we not be grateful?

I talked to one of my friends in the US for about 30 minutes in the morning, more than an hour with a friend living in Germany in the evening, absolutely free of cost. If I go back in time and told you that 10 years from now you can call anyone, anywhere around the globe with zero money you would have laughed very hard (since 10 years from now we had outgoing call rates as well as incoming call rates).

Elon Musk is designing a system where travel would be free of cost. I know it sounds hilarious but so is free calling. This is the best time ever, yes it definitely has some pros and cons, but focusing on pros can certainly make a difference in your life.

My Mother Used To Say, “Kisi ke Takdeer Mein Tadbeer Likhi Hoti Hai”, (Some People’s Luck Is In Their Hard Work)


I am very close to my mother (which most of us are by the way) and in my early days, we often indulge in the philosophical discussion of Luck. 

My mother used to say, “Kisi Ke Takdeer Mein Tadbeer Likhi Hoti Hai”. 

Translation: “Some people’s luck is in their hard work”.

Since I have heard this statement numerous times it is now in my belief system and it has served me well and I am very grateful to my mother for that.

Currently, I am reading “The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership” by Richard Branson, an English business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. Surprisingly enough he also talks about luck and success in his book. He says that he always have been considered lucky but those who say so don’t know the story behind his success.

“Isn’t it strange that the only people who take a lot of risks become lucky enough to be successful in their endeavors”, says Richard.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and preparation come from hard work indeed. Thank you, Ammi for instilling hard work in my belief system.

A Message to High School Graduates

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Today I am going to talk on a slightly controversial topic. In my recent conversation with fresh higher secondary school graduates who are now gunning for various professional courses, I saw an uncanny pattern. Most of them want to become an engineer or a doctor.


When I was their age I had no idea of other professions, I knew so little that I actually believed that there are only three stable and prestigious professions in the world, an IAS officer, a doctor and an engineer.

Which led me to wonder why I used to think that way..!!

In the middle-class families we are constantly fed that these are the real jobs out there in the so-called “real world” where we can have a good life, we have also been given a numerous examples of other people living a very good life who have these jobs and if we want to survive and have a good life that’s the only way to go, and we believe their stories because they are kind of true.

After coming to Jamia Millia Islamia university and talking to students of various backgrounds I got to know about awesome jobs opportunities which I didn’t know about earlier which led me to think how in the world a 16-17 years old student can possibly know the things that he can do.

We are led to believe that there are very few prestigious jobs out there which has created a fierce competitive environment amongst students, thousands of students go into the depression every year because they have not fulfilled their parent’s dream of becoming a doctor, and engineer or an IAS officer which makes me sad.

On top of that choosing a field to work for the rest of the life and that too at the age of 15-17 is just absurd. The brain is not developed at that age, it is scientifically proven that the teenagers still have an underdeveloped Pre-Frontal Cortex, the part of the brain responsible for thinking and decision-making processes and teens usually think from Amygdala, which is a prehistoric brain only capable of things like survival instinct, fear, and reproduction.

So if you are a parent please help your child choose, you have experience, you have seen the world, please help your child see the world from your eyes. The world is changing very fast and a lot of new doors are opening every day. We don’t “have to” become an engineer or a doctor to live a good life, there are tons of other profession out there which are even more fulfilling. Let the child choose what he wants to become, you just have to make him aware of the possibilities of the future and then let him decide his future.

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The Huge Advantage of Writing Every Day


There is a huge advantage of writing every day. It gives me an ample amount of opportunity to experiment and not agonize too much about the outcome. It gives me enough space to be creative and write on almost anything without worrying. To be remarkable at anything we have to master the skill-set and for that, the skill must run in the blood.

In medical terminology, it is called muscle memory. Generally, we do all the thinking from Pre-Frontal Cortex which is the front part of the brain, but once we master a skill it becomes reflex and the brain responds instantaneously. Learning to drive a car is a painful process where we have to do many things at once. After doing it over and over again the mind starts to recognize the pattern and the control slowly shifts from Pre-Frontal Cortex to Amygdala(the lower portion of the brain) and becomes the muscle memory where it takes less than a microsecond to respond which is awesome.

Therefore, to be good at anything we have to practice over and over again so that it becomes the muscle memory and after that we would not need Pre-Frontal Cortex(the thinking part of the brain) which takes more time to execute a job than Amygdala and whatever we do would be remarkable.

I Guess That’s How The World Works Now

My friend casually said, “I guess that’s how the world works now”. I didn’t want to object him so I just nodded but it got me into thinking about how we shape the world around us by little observations we make and come up with wrong conclusions as we go along.

These self-made conclusions subtly alter our principles upon which we define our life. My friend was wrong in a certain way but the way he perceived the situation made him think that it’s the only way the world works now which he didn’t know about before.

Let me share an example, a person who steals for livelihood justifies it as it is the only way to survive in the fast and extremely competitive world and he is right in his way of thinking. The fundamental principle on which his life is built has stealing as primary source of income. The example I shared here is at the extreme end of the spectrum. What generally happens is that we alter our belief system and make wrong assumptions as we go along and suffer in the long run.

Trail and error is one of way living but it certainly is not the best way to live and we can improve it by learning from the legends who came before us. We are prone to make mistakes and that is why it’s very important to learn from other people’s mistakes. The legends might not be with us anymore but they certainly have left their wisdom in the form of books.